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"I used to work 70+ hours a week, now I don’t."
Andrea Meyer, Senior Director, Donor Impact Reporting, University of Rochester
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Headshot of Sara Moise, Senior Director of Donor Relations, Tulane University
The fundraising-centered knowledge behind Mythos makes it far more compelling than other tools on the market. That, combined with its valuable features, made Mythos the best product on the market for our financial and impact reporting.
—Sara Moise, Senior Director of Donor Relations, Tulane University
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University of New Haven Evolves To Digital Reporting

“[Using Mythos] I was really delighted and felt proud about what I was sending to donors... and I was told by one of our biggest donors that [the Mythos report] was the best report he has ever seen from the university," says Tara Gorvine, UNH's Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship about their first year using Mythos.

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“We love how our reports look. We were all doing cartwheels down the hall.”
—Ashley Park, Assistant Director, Donor Relations (Endowment Manager), Southern Methodist University
“We know it is a trustworthy product, because the team is trustworthy. ”
“Without Mythos, I really wouldn’t want to do this job anymore!”
“I have never experienced such good customer service. It’s phenomenal. I can’t overstate it.”

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