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In our last meeting, the University of Rochester was our featured speaker, posing relevant questions related to the future of donor engagement. Over 100 Mythos users and prospective users broke into smaller groups to discuss and create some powerful next steps.

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How Brown University Uses Mythos to Streamline Its Stewardship Reporting

In this success story video, Katie shares how Mythos has transformed Brown's stewardship reporting process, enabling her team to focus on data-driven personalization and engaging campus partners for higher quality impact stories.

"Mythos took away the manual process and put that into a platform that was easily used by all members of our team," says Katie LeClair, Director of Stewardship at Brown University.

She also discusses how the systematic process created in Mythos ensures accurate reporting and scalability of the stewardship reporting program to cover a larger quantity of new donor gifts.

Hit play now to hear how Mythos helped Katie LeClair's team at Brown University:

  • Transform from mostly writers organizing reports manually to project managers using a digital system, resulting in a scalable and sustainable process.
  • Alleviate manual background work and provide a user-friendly platform for the team, automatically applying appropriate formatting to reports.
  • Save time and increase capacity by allowing real-time editing and reducing potential user errors with the survey function.

University of New Haven evolves to digital reporting.

“[Using Mythos] I was really delighted and felt proud about what I was sending to donors... and I was told by one of our biggest donors that [the Mythos report] was the best report he has ever seen from the university," says Tara Gorvine, UNH's Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship about their first year using Mythos.

Making the most of Mythos

Value of Mythos Beyond Stewardship

Collaborating across the Advancement team is critical. Mythos promotes that collaboration in a variety of ways.

  • Share content directly with communications and development colleagues
  • Removes dependencies and save time versus traditional manual requests
Stewardship professional using laptop.

Maximizing Digital Donor Reporting with Mythos

Digital reporting is a popular trend in stewardship. Whether your donors want print, email, or a full web-based report experience, Mythos helps you deliver. And it gives you tools to help promote adoption of those digital reports and measure key engagement activity.

Want to increase donor engagement with digital reports?

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Mythos Stories

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